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Michael Kirby and Michael Munk at Inner TempleLast year, UTS law and international studies student Michael Munk was invited to join the Faculty of Law’s High Achievers Mentoring program, connecting academically outstanding students with leading professionals in law and related fields. Munk found himself paired with Australian former high court justice and human rights advocate the Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG.
full profile: A judicious match (opens an external site) or download pdf (745kb)

excerpt: “I know when I’ve run businesses, if you were sitting there with your feet up on the desk, leaning back in your chair, and the owner asked what you were doing and you said, ‘I’m thinking about the business’, you’d be sacked on the spot.”
Yet Shannon emphasises such planning and reflection is crucial to growing and sustaining successful businesses.
full article: Small business, big picture (opens an external site) or download pdf (175kb)

November U magazine coverexcerpt: Moving beyond addiction, the three women in the lounge room of Kathleen York House are able to celebrate more ordinary achievements: gaining part-time work, earning a driver’s licence, sharing time with their children.

full article: Towards hope (opens an external site) or download pdf (670kb)

Panthers Magazine
excerpt: Although they are best known for their four coloured tops, swapping suits is somewhat of a tradition for The Wiggles. In the early days, the band did everything themselves, setting up the PA system before their concerts and selling cassettes at the end.
full article: The Blue Wiggle’s True Colours (pdf, 570kb)

Loose Lips anthology coverLoose Lips, UTS Writers’ Anthology 2004, Halstead Press
excerpt: As I drive up, my mother is raking the lawn under a canopy of ghost gums. I’ve seen her rake high up the trunks of trees, too, trying to capture the loose bark before it falls onto her buffalo.
‘Bloody leaves!’ she calls. ‘I only raked yesterday.’ She stoops to pick up the bruised flowers her azaleas have shed on the footpath and for the first time I see that my mother hates her garden.
read more: The Mandalay Queen (pdf, 680kb)

my fiction reviewed
The Sun Herald, 2 July 2006, ‘Extra’ p 60 (pdf, 700kb)